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Keeping people safe and informed

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Get real-time 911 alerts


Instant alerts of nearby 911 emergencies keep you safe and informed.

Get notified when a user broadcasts nearby, to stay aware of what is going on at the scene.

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Dive into the details

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Real-time updates give you incident details from start to finish.

Chat with fellow Citizen users to share information and keep each other safe.

Watch and record live video


If you’re in a safe place, the “Go Live” button allows you to record live footage to inform others.

“Verified Video” stamp lets you know when other users’ broadcasts are relevant.

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Follow the Biggest Stories

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Citizen’s stories bar gives you an inside view into the biggest news stories of the week.

Watch curated video content from every angle, and raw news coverage only available on Citizen.

Explore what's happening in your city


Citizen’s real-time map shows you 911 incidents in your community and across the whole city.


Zoom in on the map to see what’s happening in your neighborhood.

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Zoom out to see all of the latest incidents across your city.