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A safer world starts with you.

Make something that matters. Over 9 million people trust Citizen to keep them safe. Citizen is defining mobile personal safety to make the world a safer place. Can your talents and passion help push us forward?

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A mission we believe in.

Powered by people who believe in a better world.

Having the right people on your team is crucial when you’re building something with a direct impact on people’s everyday lives.

The people who make up Citizen have built product in technology in the past at Instagram, Square, Uber, and Google; worked in emergency response as volunteer EMTs and firefighters; and made communities safer as violence interrupters in crime dense neighborhoods. Their different backgrounds and their shared ambition, critical thinking, and excitement help us create a product and world we believe in.

Everything we do at Citizen, we do with the big picture in mind. We take the time to make sure candidates fully understand our mission from multiple perspectives. We are scaling quickly, but also consider every new hire strategically and thoughtfully. If you feel the same way about looking for new opportunities, we’d love to talk.

Citizen is a game changer for public safety. Up until now, we relied only on first responders to provide safety to you. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. Cops can’t do it alone, and firefighters can’t do it alone. Citizen allows you to collaborate with your community to ensure public safety.

Bill Bratton

Former NYPD Commissioner | LAPD Chief | Citizen Board Member

Citizen is on a mission to make your world a safer place.

We’ve helped more than 9 million people across 60+ cities stay safer. And we’re just getting started. We have big plans for Citizen — here are some of the things we’ll be working on to bring them to life.

Bringing Citizen to cities that need it most.

Setting up in a new city means investing in learning the local emergency response systems, familiarizing ourselves with the communities we’ll be serving, mapping out a network of radio towers, and working together with city officials and residents. It’s a complex process, but we don’t shy away from a challenge when it comes to bringing Citizen to as many people as possible.

Ensuring accuracy.

Every alert and update on Citizen is screened and vetted by real people, so we don’t spread misinformation. All comments on the app are moderated.

Delivering life-saving information faster.

Seconds can make all the difference. We’ve built AI-enabled proprietary technology that allows us to efficiently process multiple streams of verified 911 data and give our users real-time alerts.

Keeping data safe.

Citizen uses location data to route real-time safety alerts to users. We have never and will never share data or use it to advertise. Keeping people safe includes keeping their data safe — and earning their trust every day.

Our values connect us.

Break Down Walls

Don't Be Afraid to Hold Each Other Accountable

Think Big, Start Small

Mission > Team > Individual

Perks that matter.

Stock Options

Competitive options packages.


Fireside chats with featured speakers, a weekly Q&A with the CEO, a monthly book club, and 100% reimbursement for work-related books.

Health Benefits

Citizen covers 90% of your health, dental, and vision care.

Time Off

For salaried employees, nine company holidays and unlimited paid time off. For hourly employees, 13 days of PTO and overtime eligibility.


Commute to and from the office with pre-tax commuter card benefits.


Join the mission.

Make an impact.

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