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The World's Most Intelligent Personal Safety Service.

Your Protect Agent Has Your Back In Any Situation.
No Matter What.

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Instantly connect with your agent via video, audio, or messaging 24/7.

Connect in the way that works best for you.

Instant Video

Live video gives critical details about an emergency to better communicate with your agent.

Instant Audio

Stay connected to help, even when you can't hold your phone.

Instant Messaging

In situations where you can’t speak, or need to be discreet in requesting help.

Fast, accurate guidance in any situation.

With the power of the Citizen network, our agents can scan surroundings for active situations and answer questions about incidents.

Proactive check-ins and follow-ups from your Agent to make sure you’re safe.

Agents will stay with you until you reach your destination.

Driving Safety

Connect in the way that works best for you.

Detect Crashes

When Protect detects a car crash we’ll send an ambulance, alert your emergency contacts, and stay on the line until help arrives — even if you can’t ask for it.

Roadside Assistance

Whether it's towing, help with a flat tire or transportation so you can get going, we can help.

Emergency Response

We'll help you connect to first responders for expert advice and evacuation support:

  • Emergency dispatch
  • Natural disasters
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Active shooter events
  • Disease outbreak advice and assistance
  • Emergency medical response connection
  • Monitoring during a medical emergency

Leverage Citizen Network with Protect

Personalized missing person or pet reports.

Personalized missing person or pet reports.

Using the power of the Citizen network, our Agents send nearby alerts to help find your loved ones.

To date, Protect Agents have aided in finding


missing people


missing pets

Protect your world.

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