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Man Shot
Astoria, Queens
41-5 12th St
  • Jul 17 5:08:40 PM EDT
    Police are requesting specialized units to the scene for an evidence search.
  • Jul 17 4:57:15 PM EDT
    Police advise the victim was shot one time in the buttocks and his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.
  • Jul 17 4:50:46 PM EDT
    Police are requesting additional units to the crime scene and suspect search.
  • Jul 17 4:49:58 PM EDT
    Police have located a victim at a nearby hospital.
  • Jul 17 4:46:47 PM EDT
    Police advise the reported suspects fled in a black sedan going southbound on Vernon Boulevard.
  • Jul 17 4:44:27 PM EDT
    Officers are en route to nearby hospitals to see if they can locate a victim.
  • Jul 17 4:44:01 PM EDT
    Police have received a report that the victim left the scene in a cab.
  • Jul 17 4:43:36 PM EDT
    Police are arriving on scene.
  • Jul 17 4:43:20 PM EDT
    Police are en route.
  • Jul 17 4:43:07 PM EDT
    Police are responding to an unconfirmed report of a person shot.
  • Jul 17 4:43:06 PM EDT
    Incident reported at 41-5 12th St.
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