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Woman Shot
Astoria, Queens
23-02 34th Ave
  • Jul 9 12:14:11 PM EDT
    Police haver terminated the Level 1 Mobilization.
  • Jul 9 12:09:48 PM EDT
    A Citizen user shows a continued police presence at the scene of the shooting.
  • Jul 9 10:15:43 AM EDT
    The suspect is described as a man in a red, white, and blue hoodie.
  • Jul 9 10:13:01 AM EDT
    A Level 1 Mobilization has been initiated, assigning additional officers to the scene.
  • Jul 9 10:10:50 AM EDT
    The woman was reportedly shot in the face; her condition is not available.
  • Jul 9 10:10:34 AM EDT
    An ambulance is en route.
  • Jul 9 10:10:28 AM EDT
    Police are responding to a confirmed report of a woman shot.
  • Jul 9 10:10:27 AM EDT
    Incident reported at 23-02 34th Ave.
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