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Man Shot
Astoria, Queens
50-10 Broadway
  • Jul 20 5:17:25 AM EDT
    Officers have called a Level 1 Mobilization, assigning additional officers to the scene.
  • Jul 20 5:17:03 AM EDT
    The NYPD's Emergency Service Unit (ESU) is en route.
  • Jul 20 5:16:51 AM EDT
    The man's injuries are reportedly not life-threatening.
  • Jul 20 5:16:22 AM EDT
    Police confirm a man has been shot and have requested an ambulance.
  • Jul 20 5:07:25 AM EDT
    Police have received multiple calls reporting the shooting.
  • Jul 20 5:06:35 AM EDT
    Police are responding to a report of a shooting.
  • Jul 20 5:06:34 AM EDT
    Incident reported at 50-10 Broadway.
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